Connection Guide

  1. Connect SHARC port 1) to the TV eARC/ARC port
  2. Connect SHARC port 2) to one of the INPUT ports of the sound system (it is a common mistake to connect to the output of the sound system)
  3. Connect the USB micro cable to one of the USB ports on the TV.
  4. Set the TV into eARC mode and select PASSTHROUGH mode (or equivalent) to retain multi-channel audio.
  5. Enable TV per-input bitstream support to enable Atmos/multichannel-PCM (typically Sound->Additional Setting->bitstream or similar menu). The default only allows stereo.

LG C9 Owners

  1. Sound->Sound Out is set as HDMI ARC
  2. Sound->HDMI ARC -menu: eARC must be set ON and Digital Sound Out as “passthrough”
  3. Sound->Additional Settings->HDMI Input Audio Format -menu must have “bitstream” selected for each input to allow Atmos and multi-channel PCM

LG CX Owners

  1. Sound->Dolby Atmos is ON
  2. Sound->Sound Out is set as HDMI ARC
  3. Sound->HDMI INPUT AUDIO FORMAT must be bitstream per each port (not PCM) to allow Atmos andmulti-channel PCM
  4. Sound->Digital Sound OUT must be either AUTO/Passthrough. This depends on content, use both. Typically pass through is correct
  5. Sound->eARC must be set ON

Other TV Owners

Other TVs have similar setup procedure: find the eARC menu and make sure eARC is active and make sure each input port is setup to accept Atmos/multichannel PCM from sources (TVs typically limit this to stereo by default).

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