Semiconductor Shortages

Global Semiconductor industry sales have skyrocketed creating a huge supply shortage across almost all components used in electronic products.

We have been following this closely in our production processes and have not seen any signs of it coming to an end anytime soon.

Some of the ICs we have been using, now have over a year of lead times. It has forced us to change some vendors and come up with even more creative ways to still be able to ship products without delays to customers all through this year.

At this time, however, due to the ongoing pressure from all sides of the manufacturing process, we are going to be increasing the prices on June 1st as follows:

  • SHARC eARC Processor will increase to $188.00
  • ZONE2 eARC Processor will increase to $228.00

We remain committed to having stock available and use whatever means necessary to achieve this. There will be separate production runs with somewhat different components to help with the lead time issues. This is how we are trying to overcome any delays as best as we can.

Starting on June 1st we are getting another fulfillment process in place which is able to deliver 1-day service to some locations within the USA and also deliver on weekends. International shipments continue to be handled by DHL Express. Shipping rates will remain the same.

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